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Pilgrim’s Progress has inspired a lot of people. No wonder it is the second best selling Christian book of all time next to the Bible! This page is dedicated to those people who got inspired and created works based on the story. Most of these resources are given for free, enjoy!


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Audio Book

Graphic Novel

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey

Rediscover the story that has inspired generations, now adapted for the next generation. Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey is a 226-page fully illustrated children’s book based on the classic story, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

This version of John Bunyan’s timeless tale is designed for children ages 4 to 10, with beautiful artwork on every single page and simplified text.

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The Pilgrim’s Progress

“Check out Pilgrim’s Progress in theaters! This edition of John Bunyan’s epic, bestselling story is like watching an animated version of the Lord of the Rings, but with a Christian storyline that challenges believers to stay true to Christ through all the trials and temptations this world has to offer. It’s filled with Biblical allegories that should spark great conversations about living out your faith. Parents should watch the trailer first to decide which of their kids could handle some of the intense characters.”

Stephen Kendrick, Producer, WAR ROOM & OVERCOMER

Online Viewing & DVD

The Pilgrim’s Progress (Musical)

John Bunyan’s classic allegory comes to life in this epic DVD for a modern audience both young and old alike! Experience the epic journey Pilgrim takes when he ventures to be freed from his burden of sin. This musical includes 8 original songs and the legendary characters of one of the most published books of all time!

“This full-length film was created for children, but got a standing ovation from the adults in our church. It’s fresh poetry. original score, sharp direction, and excellent production value will make it a classic for years to come. Highly recommended!” – Rick Booye

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Pilgrim’s Progress:
Journey to Heaven, DVD

Praised as “powerful” and “life-changing”, this modern adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic is a film you won’t want to miss! With plenty modern visual effects Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven brings to life a story that has inspired generations since its first publication. Follow Christian in his allegorical journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of heaven and be encouraged in your own walk with the King of kings. Approx. 103 minutes.



Pilgrims Progress (Board Game)

From 2 to 6 players, teach your kids as young as 5 about the journey we all go through as Christians in this exciting pilgrimage called life.

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The Pilgrim’s Progress Video Game

A huge world to explore, an innovative battle system and a deep and uplifting story based on the greatest Christian novel of all time!

Hope Animation

Pilgrim’s Progress
Public Domain Images

This collection features illustrations from the 114 editions of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress held in the Library’s Klingberg Bunyan Collection. These editions were originally collected by John Eric Klingberg for enjoyment and spiritual development in the Children’s Home in New Britain, Connecticut that he founded. Klingberg was a passionate reader, a life-long learner, and a prominent pastor in the Baptist General Conference in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Bethel – Illustrated Pilgrim’s Progress

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